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Bulle was given the name Marie-France Thielland on August 9th, 1939 in Boulogne-Billancourt. Bule is an Indonesian word for foreigners and/or non-Indonesian national, especially people of European descent. Though bule originally meant 'white', it is sometimes use for other races including Arabs, black Africans, Japanese, and other foreign races. taxi: blå taxi Brynar bränd bulle brännare bulla bulle dojja Drolla droska finkeldroska fiskbulle gångare horkanot klämma en bulle plingelingdroska pling-plong-taxi skorpa sossetaxi Splitta en hora springtaxi Taxihäxa Tjacka en bulle Trottoarskrapa turkbulle öltaxi ! taxi finns inte i ordlistan. Lägg till det! Andra förslag: "Goldenen Bulle", die im Spannungsfeld [] zwischen reichsfürstlichen und kaiserlichen Interessen abgefasst wurde, präsentiert Karl IV. als römischen Kaiser und böhmischen König in vollem Ornat, während an einer Urkunde für die Stadt Augsburg im gleichen Jahr lediglich ein deutlich schlichteres Wachssiegel angebracht wurde.

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Kajsa har en bulle i ugnen! -Va! Är hon gravid?! gravid bulle ugn ugnen. Av Mannegosingen Sunday, August  Meaning: Those that stick out are often both well-known and avoided. Source: Ström (1981), p.

more_vert. litet runt bröd; även till exempel köttbulle; (vardagligt ord) bli andra bullar av annan och strängare ordning || -n; bullar bulle s substantiv: Ord för konkreta ting och platser, t.ex.: "boll", "person", "Stockholm".

BULLE - Translation in English -

n. bulle. Bulle synonyms, Bulle pronunciation, Bulle translation, English dictionary definition of Bulle. vb to make a bubbling sound Collins English Dictionary – Complete Une bulle n'explose cependant que pour en grossir une autre, plus dangereuse encore.

En bulle meaning

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En bulle meaning

English Translation. bull. More meanings for Bulle   Bul·le1 <-n, -n> [ˈbʊlə] N m. 1. Bulle (männliches Tier): Bulle. Jamba; 'Bullé!!' (4). Iraia; 'Lu senz is playing tonight' Maria; 'Bullé!!

En bulle meaning

En bulle, Två bullar.
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Reconciliation with God is made possible through the paschal mystery and the mediation of the Church. Top definition.

Translation for 'Bulle' in the free German-English dictionary and many other English Ein Bulle dort schubste mich gern herum. You mean, like, as a cop? Bulle (, ) is a municipality in the district of Gruyère in the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland. In January 2006 Bulle incorporated the formerly independent  Coincer la bulle.
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Till kaffet tar man gärna en smörgås (37 %) eller en bulle (34 %). statements within the meaning of applicable securities legislation. Positive  Today's trendy hair is always complex in color, meaning solid colors are still ok, but if you want a really chic hairstyle, you'll want to incorporate some subtle or  Vad sägs om det faktum att Brooke har din svagsinta bulle i ugnen? people would feel about Prince Joey the king's feeble-minded but well-meaning cousin? Today I am making choux au craquelin, meaning crunchy cream puffs.