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2010-08-03 2021-04-05 2018-06-30 2017-10-23 2019-03-26 2008-05-28 2018-07-13 The NeoGAF logo is a green and orange colored circle and has been included in the Nintendo DS puzzle game Scribblenauts as an Easter egg. NeoGAF is now a controversial group for its common banning and social justice in the gaming community. In June 2013, GameTrailers did an episode on NeoGAF. 2017-10-24 Off-Topic Discussion; Neogaf is full of pedophiles This topic is locked from further discussion. roadkill88. Follow 2313.

Wiki Content. Recently Changed Pages. NeoGAF is now back online, stating that the old “Off-Topic Discussion” forum will be closed and replaced with a new forum where “political and social discourse” will not be allowed.

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I'll post back when Ryan Davis is voted unanimously as the biggest  23 Oct 2017 Illustration for article titled NeoGAF Reopens, Users Revolt. Following Political and social discourse will not be allowed in the new Off-Topic. 15 Nov 2017 It's formatted similarly to GAF, with games and off-topic forums that While ResetEra is built as a replacement for NeoGAF for users who no  NeoGAF, formerly known as the Gaming-Age Forums, is an Internet forum that is [9][10] Afterwards, NeoGAF was restored, suspending the off-topic sections of  Eolz said: This discord has been created to talk about sales.

Neogaf off topic

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Neogaf off topic

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Neogaf off topic

Hi everyone, I have a bit of a weird request. I frequently visit the Neogaf forums, I've even applied twice in a year, but have yet to get accepted. I know they can be pretty uptight sometimes, but I really want to participate in some of the discussions they have there.
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If you don't want to click, essentially there are roughly on average new 10-20 posts made on Resetera for every 1 made on Neogaf. At many intervals there has been more new members admitted to Resetera than posts made at Neogaf in the same time bracket. Some of the articles that appear here will be from the automatically-categorised calendar entries, shown at Current events and on any other page where the tag has been included; all of those articles are listed under "2" in date order. Off-Topic; Neogaf: longest wait for posting privileges? EvilNiGHTS.

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Hi folks. As NeoGAF gets back to a more healthy, grounded, rational place, I've been asked by several folks about their account status. We all know a big clusterfuck happened last October/November, but there's a lot that went down actively against the interests of the site and the community Gaming Communities Off-Topic Politics Latest threads Trending. Marketplace. Streams.